Introducing Winemaking 2.0


Our solution is going to revolutionize winemaking

Fermentation Tracking

Our sensores allow to track density and temperature in the fermentation tank, providing a real time fermentation curve.

Temperature Control

By tracking the fermentation kinetic, we can control tank temperature in real-time in order to achieve the right fermentation period (extracting max potential from grapes, and minimizing fermentation time)

Energy Efficiency

Optimal temperature control minimize energy spend, by applying heat or cold just when needed, reducing energy bills!

Internet of Things

Tanks are connected to the internet, so you can check everything from your smartphone, get notifications when intervention is needed, or share with colleagues.

Our Solution

Real-time control and monitoring of the Alcoholic Fermentation Process.
The wine industry loses about $500M a year due to failures during the alcoholic fermentation process.

Fermentation is key and has a direct impact on a winery's production costs, production time, quality and therefore competitiveness in the market.
Alcoholic Fermentation is an unstable process and requires continuous monitoring and control of sugar concentration.
Errors can slow down fermentation rates or even stop it completely, which leads to repeat the whole process all over again or end with a less competitive wine with higher residual sugar and sensory defects.
However, the control of this critical process is still done manually, which is slow, belated, inaccurate and puts the production at constant risk.
Yet it is the only practical way Winemakers are able to track the process, although it has many deficiencies.
We believe the only way these flaws can be reduced is by introducing real-time monitoring and automation in the process.
Our product is called FermControl, an Internet of Things solution that uses a novel and non-intrusive method to determine sugar concentration in real time.
Using a microcontroller and sensors, it is able to react immediately to changes in the fermentation rate, adjusting temperature to keep the process within the safe limits defined by the fermentation plan, minimizing risks and reducing energy consumption.
Of course, everything can be tracked from a smartphone.

  • Automatic control

    Our microcontroller track the fermentation kinetic, adjusting temperature for optimal resources.

  • Internet of Things

    Microcontrollers are connected to the internet, we know the status of each tank, and can apply different fermentation programs.


    If something goes wrong (eg fermentation stops, or it is time to apply a component), you will get a notification in your phone

  • Optimize Tank Capacity

    Managing tanks, in order to maximize fermentation time, reducing idle time.

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